Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Today I am grateful for so many things. We are healthy, we are well-fed, uninjured, not dead, we have our needs met and very many of our wants. God is good, and we do well to commemorate that.

I wrote that yesterday, after making 16 cups of flour, 3 lbs of butter, 4 eggs, some water, vinegar, baking powder and salt into a massive pile of pie dough.

And before I subsequently burned four beautiful pre-made crusts, messed up a handful more, got behind in my schedule and had to leave six pies in the oven when leaving for the church pie auction (don't worry, my oven has a time-bake option, and they finished baking on their own).

Today my homegrown still-somewhat-feathered 23-lb (I got an old kitchen scale from Grandpa's house that weighs up to 25 lbs!!!!) turkey is roasting, I made stuffing/dressing/whatever with sausage, homemade (and storebought) bread, celery, onions, seasonings and spices. Since the church potluck turned into a pie auction, I have a double batch of Green Death to share and eat, and 5 lbs of mashed potatoes ready to rewarm in the crockpot. Oh, and after giving away four pies at church, I have... seven? left, plus four little 'kiddie-size' pies. Blessings and abundance, certainly.

I have also a strong, loving husband. Two pairs of deep brown eyes that look up to me, and one set of maybe-almost-possibly-hazel like my own. I spend so many days worrying and striving over what I should be, or do, or accomplish, and much time is taken up with concerns for my family, my home, my neighborhood, state, and nation. Today I choose to focus on the myriad blessings that surround me each day. The sun warming me through the window. Our large and-yet-affordable home. The amazing people God has put within it. Vehicles that run, and more toys than we need or deserve. My immersion blender that made the pecan pie syrup so smooth so effortlessly. My heart overflows. There is not enough room here to even scratch the surface. I'm so grateful. The way my oldest caretakes my youngest. The way the middle child is learning to share with her little sister and bless her. That my husband is not desiring to permanently limit our family to what is. That my pantry and freezers are full of provision and blessing. That we have neighbors whom we can bless with it. That my husband's family is near enough to spend holidays with. That we still live in a nation where homeschooling is an option.

God is good, and we give thanks.

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