Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Thoughts

Hubby and I just finished watching and listening to Barack Hussein Obama's inauguration ceremony.  My instinct is to grieve, to sorrow, and to disgree.  Of course, the disagreement isn't just instinctual, it's also thoughtfully reasoned out. :)

But those things will not bring the "change" we so desperately need (and again, I'll use the same term our new President favors, knowing I mean a far different kind of change).  I got an email a few weeks ago which spurs me to a different reaction.  Like the Dutch Sheets posts, I don't really know anything about the person or ministry behind this 'call to action.'  I DO know, respect, and trust the source who forwarded this to me, so it does carry some weight in that area.  However, I think the message carries itself, without need of a big name or ministry to lend it's credentials.

What do you think?

“Inviting God Into America”

December Edition of the JoCo Journal Prophetic Insight

Several weeks ago I encountered an angel that declared to me that it is time to invite our Lord, who is a God of hope, into the United States and into every arena of life. He desires to give this nation a “name of honor.” I became very aware that it is time to partner with Him for all that He has for our nation and the nations across the world, even despite the enemy’s plan to bring destruction and hopelessness.

The Enemy’s Contract on America

I was shown two contracts on America. The first was a contract “on” America by the enemy; the second was God’s contract “for” America. The enemy’s contract on America would create great suffering for the people , but we are not to agree with this contract. In this contract, our government would try to take over and control the economy and I was told that it could lead to fascism. It would start with the wrong industrial labor laws related to race. I also saw the enemy stirring up religious zealotry within the church that would react instead of love. The goal of the enemy was to get the church to offend President Obama. It was clear to me that although we have the right to disagree with our President, we must still highly honor him and his position. I saw several specific attacks of the enemy through this contract:

  • A 20% increase in teen suicide in America.
  • An increased intensity against the church.
  • Riots in the streets, related to church vs. state).
  • Religious leaders assassinated.
  • The Church may be tempted to move more toward the zealot, instead of the love movement.
  • The cities targeted by God for great renewal were instead hit by terrorist bombs.
  • Funding for the Churches decreasing, especially in Europe.

God’s Contract for America

Then I was shown God’s contract for America, a hope and destiny for her. We are to move in the opposite spirit of what the enemy would try to accomplish and agree with God’s contract for America. In this contract, there were “hope movements” that rose up all across the nation. “Hope centers” came forth and there were “Hope houses” on every block. There was a movement of stadium worship filled with the glorious presence of God. There was a tremendous unlocking of the greater knowledge of God in this hour and increased training.

Recently I had a dream that stadiums in America, and also across the world, were filled with thousands and thousands of people worshiping the Lord and declaring that Jesus is loved within their cities. The scoreboards in the stadiums read, “Jesus is loved well here.” The narrator in my dream described to me that the Lord was being “most perfectly adored,” by these ones. It needed to be a corporate gathering because there was a power unlocked by corporate love that could not be unlocked by only one. This is part of God’s contract for America and purpose for her.

Weapons Unleashed

In this season I saw the devil releasing new weapons; but then I saw God releasing His full arsenal, which was unbelievably powerful. His arsenal is a spirit of hope and worship that will arise in the midst of crisis. He will bring a blessing upon “hope bringers” who would facilitate the stadiums of worship. He will unleash a grace to fight with remembrance– as the enemy unleashed weapons we will be able to remember God’s goodness and magnify the Lord’s unrelenting kindness in the past and the present. A heritage of hope will spring forth in geographical areas; in the cities that invited God in and worshiped Him. It is time to continue to invite Him in and it time for us to live in hope, believing that His plan is good. We have a responsibility to dig beyond the peripheral evil, and seek out the power of the living God.

The subject of the email says this was written by a Bob Hartley of IHOP.  I'm pretty sure that's not the pancake restaurant, perhaps 'house of prayer' or something?


Rina said...

I LOVE this, thank you for posting it! Would you mind if I reference it on my site as well? IHOP - International House of Prayer. I don't know much about it, but I have heard of it. The website is www.ihop.org

EllaJac said...

Rina, absolutely, feel free. I copied and pasted straight from the email I received, though I didn't double-check it via google or anything to be certain it was intact and entire. Thank you for their website!

Meghann said...

I'm not sure if you received my original comment...if not it was mainly saying that our good friend Stephen (as well as many other friends at my church) worked with IHOP the past two years and they are truly an authentic group.

I asked Stephen last night if he new Bob Hartley and he said that yes, he was for sure a prophet of God and an amazing man of God. When he walks into a room you can sense the Spirit of God all over him. So hearing this from a dear friend we trust with our lives was assuring! I'll be praying for God's contract for America for sure...wouldn't that just be amazing!!!