Thursday, January 22, 2009


We are getting ready to head out tomorrow to see Gi-gi, wear plaid, tap our feet to some mean bag-pipin', and eat some haggis.  I know you're jealous of that.  Mmmm...

Since it's been 2 years or more since I actually paid another pair of hands (than mine) to trim my hair, I thought I'd try to get that done while in the City.  I emailed a friend (who, while she grew up my neighbor, has spent the past several years in Romania as a missionary, until a couple months ago) for any references or recommendations, of which she had none.  I hung up the idea, but mistakenly mentioned my abandoned plans to Gi-gi.

"Hey, I tell you what.  I just fired my old hairdresser; she kept cutting my hair to show too much of my ears [Gi-gi hates this.  As old-lady fashions evolve, she refuses.].  So I took a picture I had done when I was a school nurse 30 years ago and went up [a few blocks away] and they did a great job.  I could set you up an appointment."

Now, not only do I NOT have Gi-gi's straight, thin hair, I also do not have or want her hairstyle.  I wasn't entirely convinced, but she persisted.

"You haven't had your hair cut in HOW long?  ANYTHING has to be better than you trying to trim it yourself, I'm sure he'll do fine."

He?  I'm not terribly used to "he" hairdressers (not that I'm used to any hairdressers, obviously), but was intrigued.  I proceeded, out of curiosity, to inquire about, um, the degree of limp-wristedness 'he' perchance suffers from.

Gi-gi refused to answer of course, giving instead a liberal rant about homophobia and how gay** people are nicer and better and more committed than the rest of us anyway, blah blah blah.

Which TOTALLY missed the boat.  I'm not insecure around people of differing sexuality:  I'm insecure around MEN who have nicer eyebrows, cleaner fingernails, and smother skin than I!  Call me weak.  I am.  I did agree to let her try and book an appointment for me, however (see, at least I'm willing to face my insecurities).

She called back later to say "Amber" would take me.  I suppose trying to book an appointment for your "intolerant, judgmental, Bible-thumping, homophobic granddaughter" is rather difficult.

I hope Amber doesn't give me a buzz cut in retribution.

**It should be noted that I have no information by which to judge "his" tendencies.  It's possible he's a big, burly, straight construction worker who has taken a second job in this economy to support his wife and seven children.

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Meghann said...

You are cracking me up! I do have to admit, after working for years in the hair is hard seeing all the men who look better than me (eyebrows, nails etc.)

But you'd also be surprised how many straight men cut hair. Think about it...its a great way to meet women! :)