Friday, March 06, 2009

Note To Self

I'm sorry; I have to write this where it won't be lost, like, in my house.  Hopefully I'll remember I placed it here:

Nephew S and Bro-in-law S birthdays are March 8.

Papa's birthday is March 12.

Sis-in-law S birthday is March 14.

I can remember my power bill account number, and the account and routing numbers for my bank accounts.  I know the phone number I had when I was 3, and all the phone numbers and addresses I ever had.  I remember my box # in college.  I still know the phone number of the people who were our next door neighbors from the time I was 3 until I was 6 or 7.  For SOME REASON the first couple weeks of March paralyze me and I can never remember whose birthday is on which day, and Lord Help Me if I forget to remind Hubby to call his dad, etc etc etc.

So, unless Google totally sinks (unlikely with the 'too big to fail' mentality these days), or the world goes to heck in a handbasket and I can't access my blog, I won't have to freak out any more.  



mary grace said...

Congrats! You won the yellow set of Heads Up! readers on my blog. Email me at my blog's name (no spaces) at gmail and I'll send them out to you.

Rachel said...

My birthday is March 18. I require homemade bread.

EllaJac said...

Rachel, hahahaheheha! Nice. I should tell you though, that the only people I've delivered homemade bread to this year have suffered (or did suffer, within a day) a death in the household. Maybe I'll extend that for "birth" recognition, but we'll have to see. And, aren't you terribly far away?

Rachel said...

Ha, that is true... maybe I don't need it THAT badly. I'm in Ohio, so I think that's a yes.

Hubby and I have a life goal of learning how to make really good bread. Would you mind sharing your recipe??

EllaJac said...

Rachel, yes, Ohio qualifies as "very far away" to me. :) Let's see... bread...

These recent batches have been this recipe (Ok, that's NOT the same recipe that I printed out a week or three ago. For some reason I can't find it. But it looks good! I don't have/use dough conditioner at present) from Passionate Homemaking. I'm out of the sorghum/molasses, though, so omitted that. It's a pretty sweet bread, so cutting back on the honey wouldn't be a bad idea, perhaps. I also use this recipe from TN Farmgirl and this from UrbanHomemaker, usually preferring the "2-stage process". I do the same with the first recipe. Maybe I should post about this, with the pertinent details, huh? Hopefully this will give you a good start, though.

Rachel said...

Thank you for the links! I will have to do some experimenting soon :)