Wednesday, March 18, 2009


While back and hip pain continue to be a ... pain, I've been able to make some progress in this house, and I'm SOOOOOO grateful for that.  

A couple weeks ago I REALLY cleaned/organized the laundry room/pantry.  That's not amazing in and of itself, but get this:  It's STILL in good shape.  THAT'S pretty incredible.

I decluttered 5 sets of lower cupboards in the kitchen.  I have pictures which I'll post in... say, six months, once I hook the camera up to the computer again. :)  Some of them are so empty the kids hide in them, and now my baking stuff is a little more central to where I need it.

I still have at least one upper cabinet which is a shambles; the one with the really long lasagna in it.  It's the only one I've taken a 'before' picture of... Well, it's not really a 'before' photo, it's more of a 'currently' photo.  Hopefully it'll become 'before.'

I've managed to keep the hallway clear (thank you laundry-organization!) and swept each day, also the kitchen and dining room.  Organique takes to pitching handfuls of rice or whatever when she gets antsy in her booster seat. Sometimes I sweep more often in that area.

I found some great recipes online (I'll share, eventually!), printed them out, and updated my recipe index for my personalized cookbook.  Maybe I should share about that someday, too?

It's not all cleanliness and organization around here.  The family room is in need of serious attention by someone over the age of 7 (it's obviously had too much attention from those 7 and under!), and the girls' bedroom is utterly dangerous.  It looks like a SWAT team had to complete a mission there, and I'm not sure who won.

How are you doing?  Are you 'spring cleaning'? Or, like me, are you cleaning to keep the spring fever at bay? :)


Jess said...

Seeing as it's autumn here I think it's against the law for me to spring clean :P I, too, am cramming in rearranging the whole house in the midst of renovations, a frustratingly slow process with 4 under 5 underfoot, especially when one of them is erupting teeth and we are fiddling with diet to try and get rid of excema!

EllaJac said...

Yes, Jess, you can be excused from "spring" cleaning. :) And for that matter, with the household projects and little ones, you could be excused even if it wasn't Autumn! Hang in there! :)

Meghann said...

It sounds like you are nesting...though I guess that's a bit too early huh? Your house will really be in great shape then with all the work you are getting in now :)!

I wish I could do some spring cleaning now, but not enough energy as of late. Will do it in the summer I guess?

MamaJ said...

Hahaha. Well, we parked a PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) box in our front yard! 1/3 the house is now in that. 1/3 the house went to the local mission, 1/3 the house has yet to be "culled" through but it has been earmarked for it. How's that for spring cleaning? I am worn out! I won't consider it done until everything gets put back into a place though.

I'm thinking it should be done by fall... :-)