Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day tends to be a bad day for me.  Whether it's the 'expectations' that don't get met (and believe me, I don't expect much!), or just the way my emotional issue(s?) chooses to focus, it's usually lackluster, at least in my mind.

And it really must be in my mind.

This year, nothing unusual happened, and I'm fine.  I really am!  

I think it might be because I learned Woodrow Wilson instituted Mother's Day as a national holiday.  That kind of ruined it for me.  Which is apparently a good thing.

In any case, though I'm pretty tired, it's been a fairly good day.  BEAUTIFUL weather!  70s!  I went to the farm store and bought some more peat moss to replace the big hollowed-out bowl the wind carved in my expensive Square-Foot-Garden dirt *grumble grumble*,  added some in, mixed it up and planted 3 types of carrots (4 squares each), planted the last 3 square feet of the deep box with Red potatoes I bought from the local greenhouse, dug a few weeds, hand-watered the raspberries, watched American Carol with Hubby on the computer (liked it), affixed chicken-wire to a length of the garden fence (with zip ties and some help), had Hubby move a couple unused critter-shelters (ok, so one's a truck canopy...) to a different part of the garden, watched Hubby bury two (more) dead Meat Mutants, enjoyed my wonderful kids and husband, and doctored some Meat Mutants (more on that tomorrow).

Now the girls are in a bath (Organique for her 2nd of the day - she's enjoyed the outdoors for sure!), Hubby is puttering in the garage, though he made a quick 'refreshment run' (helping me with the fence and digging the hole earned him that, he claimed) and brought me some Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate cookies (he says I don't have to share them with the kids).  It'll be eggs and toast for dinner (again!) for the kids and I.  But I'll have cookies for dessert. :)

Hope your Mother's Day was as wonderful!

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Benny said...

Mother's Day is a mixed bag for me too. I'm happy to enjoy my role as mother - and I enjoy the special attentions my husband aims my way. But on the daughter end of a pretty tough mother/daughter relationship... well, it pretty much taints the whole idea of the day. Oh well. I'll just bask in the mommyhood, and ignore the mommy of mine who wasn't! ;o)