Friday, May 01, 2009

On The Road & Birthdays!

In the VAN!

Hubby's work has done the seasonal pick-up; he worked last Saturday and late most evenings these past couple weeks, and we were able to pay the sales tax and transfer the registration to our van!  It's so nice to have that done.

Yesterday we left the house around 10 am to do our bi-weekly errands, starting at the bank, and then to the DMV across the street.  We dropped off some used clothing to the thrift store, bought chicken and dog feeds at the feed store, called and insured our van from the road while driving to Town to hit the auto parts store, the hardware store (then all the way back downtown to the electrical supply because Lowe's has poor inventory) for Hubby's birthday present, the grocery store, the fabric store, Costco, the post office, the organic store, my neighbor's for illegal milk, and HOME!  It was 5:15 when we came home.  You might say I was tired.

The last shred of energy was used up getting the awake girl to help me unload at least the perishables before readying dinner.  Hubby was home near 8:00, and enjoyed (well, I hope) crock-pot roasted turkey breast and green beans for his birthday dinner.  Where's the carbohydrate in that meal?  Well, we followed it up with popcorn and a movie (during which he fell asleep), and the kids and I stayed awake far too late for our own good.  We've paid for it today.  *yawn*

My sister-in-law's husband also had a birthday yesterday, and his 'party' is tonight.  I may or may not *yawn* make it, especially since Hubby is likely working too late to join me.  Dishing up 4 plates at a barbecue, trying to keep doggies from eating it, feeding (or corralling) Organique, keeping an eye on each munchkin, all of this adds up to a BIG reason that God intended children to have a Mama AND a Daddy. :)  Of course, it's not like I'm at a public event or strange place; they're mostly surrounded by family members of one type or another, but I realize what a big responsibility children are, and I don't wish to presume that others will or should caretake *my* obligations, whether or not we're related! :)  Can you tell I have a hard time asking for help?  I usually do so only when absolutely, terribly necessary...  But at least if I go it'll be in the van!  

Tomorrow afternoon we're hosting some friends and family for Hubby's birthday.  I didn't exactly get the house in as much order as I'd planned today, so tomorrow will be another big day.  Hopefully I'll have slept a bit more tonight!

Little Artist turns five (!) next Tuesday, and we'll probably have some people over (if they're not all sick of that) next Saturday for *her* day.  I ordered some colorbooks online and bought her some crayons yesterday, surreptitiously at the grocery store. :)

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Meghann said...

Wow, that was a very very busy it always that way on errands day?

I hope ya'll have a great time celebrating Little Artist's bday! We will be celebrating Ireland's 11th bday in two weeks...time flies!!

meg :)