Friday, October 02, 2009

Room Planning

If this were Wednesday, and I was all trendy, I'd link this to that "works for me" thingy.

But it's not, and I'm not. My recent foray into Facebook notwithstanding.

I've been slowly working on 'redoing' our family room into a family/schoolroom. It's a slow process for many reasons:

*I have to wait for Hubby to do some of the 'heavier' lifting, and that may or may not be on my timetable (emphasis on the may not).

*There is a lot of painting required, and I have to be careful around the edges, and baseboards, and carpet. It's very tedious.

*There is a lot of painting required, and I have to rinse out my brushes/rollers/pans every time the baby gets hungry or needs changed or wants a change of scenery, or needs to burp, or gets her eye poked by Organique, or ...

*There is a lot of painting required, and I still have to homeschool and cook and... ok, so there hasn't been much cleaning going on.

But even when I've been unable to "get in there and work on things" in a physical sense, I've been able to work on this project in a different way.

I took some graph paper, and a tape measure...

I measured the room, and the furniture that I thought I'd like to keep in there (or move into there), along with the stationary items like built-in shelving, doors, etc.

Using 1 foot per square, I drew the room and then each item along the edge of my paper, which I cut out, and then started "rearranging furniture" to fit what I wanted. MUCH easier than dragging furniture around, especially after having a baby and all that.

I think I found a workable plan - at least on paper. It remains to be seen whether it will work out in real-life yet.

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Benny said...

Great idea on the graph papter!

We recently repainted the entire family/kitchen area of our house too - trying as well to make it a perfect living and schooling area. I wimped out though in my state of tired pregnancy and left the house with the 4 kids while Hubby and his best bud just painted like mad for an entire weekend day without interruption and they got the whole area done in one day. It was lovely. ;o)

I'm still working out what goes where. But it does feel good. You'll be so happy when it's all painted and ready to "move into." I hope you can get it all done soon!