Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swine Flu Questions

Well, it's everywhere. The news, the radio, the internet, and God help you (me) if you question the government mandates for vaccination among Facebook friends. :)

Why am I not lining up to get this? Well, as is common with vaccination information, there are just too many unanswered questions...

Why the rabid hype when the southern hemisphere is coming out of their flu season and it wasn't such a big deal for them?

Why has the government issued guidelines to classify any reaction/death to this vaccine as a "coincidence?"

Why did Congress act to shield these vaccine manufacturers from any possible lawsuits?

Why are they pushing this for pregnant women when there have been no studies on them - let alone time to do any?

Why did they change laws to allow for major prosecution against anyone advocating natural preventatives or solutions?

How can they say "this vaccine is quite like the flu shot" (and therefore safe), but follow that with "this virus is so different and we're all gonna die!" (not a direct quote :))?

What I know:

People born before 1950 or so seem to have natural immunity.

Millions of people have had it and survived it - this year.

The virus isn't mutating like they thought it might.


I'm not going to sign up for a largely-untested mass vaccination program promoted by people who are opposed to open and honest discussion (let alone the radicals in the white house who've advocated forced sterilization via drinking water additives).

I WILL try to get more sunlight/vitamin D. I WILL eat more virgin coconut oil. I will try to reduce and limit sugar intake, stock up on vitamin C and echinacea, maybe other herbs.

Am I telling you to stay away from needles? Nope. I'm telling you to inform yourself before you make major choices for yourself and your family. If you can read the same information and come away confident and secure in getting the H1N1 shot, by all means, you've done right. But INFORM YOURSELF - don't just listen to one side.

Mercola has more info here and here.


Benny said...

Great points. I agree on all. I definitely wonder why they are pushing the vaccine so hard... and being pregnant, yes I fear the possible outcome should I get the swine flu, but I fear even more the possible negative effects to both myself and my baby if I were to choose this untested vaccine that has been supersped to the market. Yikes. As a friend of mine commented once, it brings to mind I Am Legend. Have you seen that one yet? No thanks. ;o)


MamaJ said...

Totally agree with Benny, "I Am Legend" was a super freaky movie. I promised Hubby I would never watch it with him again!

Our Dr. (who is also a Christian friend) won't give the H1N1 vaccine b/c he doesn't trust how quickly they popped it out into mainstream. But, for that matter, I don't even go get the regular flu shot anymore b/c it always makes me deathly sick. So, we definitely won't be going to get that one.