Thursday, May 13, 2010


UPDATED to add: Per the comments, FRESH is NOT associated with Food, Inc.

I was able to attend a local screening of the movie FRESH last night.  It's got my hero, Joel Salatin, as well as Michael Pollan and a few others.  I don't know that it's by the Food, Inc people, but it's almost like the next step from there.  Food, Inc. is what is wrong; FRESH is how to get to a better place.

Even better?

FRESH is being screening next week in Washington DC, with Joel Salatin (and some lady.  the producer/director or whatever.  Not important. ;)) there to introduce the movie and answer questions.  Let's just say he wasn't at OUR showing...  The 'better' part is that the US Senators and Representatives have been invited.

I really want them to see it, don't you?

So I wrote to each of mine:

I am writing to ask that you attend the screening of the movie, FRESH. I was recently able to view it, and I understand it's coming to you, too! I'd be much encouraged if you would take the time to see it as well. It really speaks to the heart of a fundamental human issue.

WHEN: Friday May 21, 2010, 4:30-6:30
WHERE: Rayburn House Office Building Foyer

The director and one of the farmers featured in the film will be on hand to introduce the movie and take questions. We didn't have that here in my little town. :)

Again, [Whomever], I ask that you make this a priority. For the good of us all.

Thank you,

Also, to your senators, they are looking at S 510, the "Food Safety and Modernization Act." Consider asking them to support the Tester Amendment , that would exempt small producers (like your farmer's marketers) from the burdensome regulations and requirements. Keep fresh, safe food available.

More info 

Consider doing the same or similar with your representatives/senators. You can do so from here.

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Lisa said...

Thank you for writing about FRESH! We appreciate the support. I just wanted to clarify that FRESH is in no way associated with Food Inc., although the film has been touted as the hopeful follow-up to Food Inc..

The Director/Producer is Swiss-born filmmaker, Ana Sofia Joanes. She's an incredible woman, and without her the film would not exist. :) I hope those in the vicinity of Washington DC can join her and Joel Salatin at the post-screening reception (open to the public) after the Capitol Hill Screening on the 21st. Tickets available here:


Lisa Madison
Distribution & Outreach Coordinator