Saturday, February 14, 2009

More On Mercury, HFCS

Here's another link to information on mercury-in-your-Coca-Cola.  This article makes it a little easier to understand how it happens - but no easier to understand why consumers trust the FDA about anything!  I mean really, "aspartame is fine, stevia is too unknown.  Raw milk will kill you, pasteurized/homogenized is good.  GMOs and clones are tasty."  I'm about ready to live and eat exactly the opposite as I'm told to by my "benevolent," Mother-Government-knows-best media.  Good grief.


MamaJ said...

Yikes! Did you have to post that??? I loved reading about how there's no way to un-do the mercury you've already consumed, that it binds itself for 15-30 years! Swell. :-p

EllaJac said...

MamaJ, sorry! Can't help it. Reading and posting such terrible things actually helps *me* stay on the ball, because I invariably get lazy in my caution.

But - I know I've read about helping rid your body of mercury, and I googled it... sure enough, seems like certain vitamins and foodstuffs (protein even), chlorella (a green algae - lots of chlorophyll) and other things help flush heavy metals, including mercury, from your system.

I don't suppose it works if you're eating swordfish all the time, or smucker's jelly every day. :)

MamaJ said...

Ha! Well, that makes me feel better. In fact, I just saw a cleanse with those very things in it. (The chlorella, not the smuckers.)
Just so you know, I was very careful to avoid buying anything else with HFCS this week, because it made me think about it!