Saturday, February 07, 2009

Visit To Granny

Our time with family out-of-state was very good.  Granny is improved, and, we hope, improving.  She is in a nursing home now, with hopes to return home when possible.  I spent a lot of time poring over a long-term-care insurance policy, deducing what might be covered were we to bring her home, what agencies could provide care, the process of setting that up, what specialized equipment we might need, what Medicare would pay for, etc. etc.  My brains began to leak out of my ears, but at least I was somewhat helpful.

It is hard to know the future.  She doesn't eat much, does her physical therapy/exercise sometimes, hurts a lot, has very limited use of her left side (she's had a dozen strokes).  But her mental faculties seem quite intact, when she DOES do her physical therapy, she improves a bit, and the antibiotics they are treating her with (for pneumonia) have given her more strength.  The doctor, et al, don't seem at all inclined to refer her for Hospice (which requires a 6-month life expectancy, and provides comfort care, but no curative or rehabilatative treatments), and we can't tell if they think she's fine, or are just loathe to lose all the $$$ available via insurance and her savings in the meantime.  I know.  I hardly trust the medical establishment.

For the first time in decades, all five of her grandchildren were in the same place at the same time.  One from Alaska, another Montana, another North Dakota, me-from-here, and one from down the hall (one cousin lives in her home).  And, until my brother's baby was born, four of those five grandkids were expecting babies at the same time!  I did not even know about that!  Much to live for, methinks.  Though perhaps it would serve as a hopeful, positive sunset of life, to know that your family lives on.  I do hope so.

My prayers are that she would be free from fear and anxiety, that the pain would be lessened, and that she would further embrace the love from God in these days.  Lord, give her caretakers and the near-family the grace to deal with this challenge.

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