Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas Jammies

I may have mentioned finishing up Christmas Jammies for the girls on Christmas Eve.  Or not, considering how busy I was that week.  I'd bought this cute cupcake-print thermal (like long johns) fabric on super-clearance a year ago or nearly.  Good intentions and all that.  I finally decided I should use it up, and make some nightgowns for the girls, for them to open on Christmas Eve.  I didn't use a pattern, but made raglan-type sleeves (I think that's what they're called.  The top of the sleeves reach to the collar, and the seams go from there to the armpits, diagonally.).  I had to go buy a ribbed knit to do the collar, which was a first for me, but they came out!

Truly, three little gowns in three sizes... it just makes me sigh.  A good sigh, like a warm fire, a braided rug, and a mug of hot cocoa while a blizzard rages without might make me sigh.

I used the serger for everything but top-stitching the collar, and that was definitely the way to go with such a stretchy knit.  Because my cotton interlock (?) collar fabric wasn't exactly the size of each collar, I just overlapped it once I got all the way around (you can somewhat see that on the left side of the middle gown).  I lettuce-edged the cuffs and hems (and didn't have to use any more of the rib knit), and in pink woolly nylon, it came out well.

So cozy and girlie, huh?  Now, to figure out what to do with the boyish farm animal print... "just in case," you know (hey, remember I was pregnant a year ago)...


Andi said...

Those are adorable! I'm re-reading the Little House books and you remind me so much of those stories :) And hey, as if you're not already busy enough, we're having a boy that might like something cute out of that farm animal pring (wink, wink). :)

sariah said...

Very fun. You do a great job "making up" patterns. :-)

My sewing project lately has been making really simple but cute mittens out of polar fleece. My plan had been to make a bunch to donate to the refugee center because they are always needing cold weather stuff for the warm climate refugees. But between homeschooling and nursing the baby I get one mitten sewn every other day or two. Things are moving veerryy slowly....maybe by June I'll have 10 pairs made!