Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I Fixed It!

One plaguing problem on this computer is fixed now. I am so happy!

Of course, there are still 1,548 plaguing problems still to go, but...

For a year or more we've been mostly unable to use certain websites. No, not THAT kind of website.

Things like ebay, for instance. The main page would load, I could click and load pages from links, but entering a search almost always resulted in an error. *Sometimes* I could click refresh a couple dozen times, and like casting and trying to hook a fish, it would occasionally 'catch' and load. And.... occasionally not.

Another lost cause was barnes and noble dot com. Clicking refresh - IF it worked - resulted in every graphic and link lining up in a column along the left side of the page, making almost no sense at all.

My brother knew of this, so naturally he got me a barnes and noble gift card for Christmas. Daring me to take four kids into a bookstore, I suppose.

I gave him a popcorn cake. Hardly equitable, I know, and you don't know the half of it.

I foiled him though! In my umpteenth google search about this error, I ran across an idea that I figured might well work.

It did.

The problem had to do with Windows Live Family Safety Software - which was constantly harassing us to update it - and the recommendation was to uninstall it.

Which I might have done. Or updated it. In any case - bn.com began to work!

And I did NOT have to take an overloaded stroller into a bookstore. Ha!

More gratifying still was that my barnes and noble educator discount card saved me more money than my brother's formerly-coveted Membership discount. And I don't have to pay for the Educator discount. :D

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S. E. Harrison said...

Hahahaha....that's cool that you finally figured it out. I am used to facebook so I was looking for a "like" button but there wasn't one.