Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nerves Times Two

Gi-gi was awake all night, dealing with increasing pain in her arm. She was still sure that the best thing for her would be to return home, but she finally came to realize that it was unlikely she could drive in her condition. After the girls helped her pack and load her stuff in her car. The swelling was farther up her arm, almost to her elbow. I called a local doc at 9, and they said to bring her in at ten. We did so, me doing her paperwork for treatment, then sitting in the van with the kids and nursing the baby, back and forth.

Two buttock injections of antibiotics, and prescriptions for another antibiotic and some hydrocodone later, they suspect MRSA. They're culturing for it, but it will take 48 hours, or maybe until Saturday to find out for sure.

She took one painkiller an hour ago, but it hasn't cut the pain very well yet.


The pain has subsided, and she's able to sleep. Her hand and arm are quite swollen, but not hurting so badly.

When she was up before dinner, her speech was slower and somewhat slurred, like my mom's used to be (my mother had MS). That sound always scares me a bit. I don't know if it was from her tiredness, the painkiller, or what. She's sleeping again now, after finally eating a little.

I'm struggling with all this. I'm anxious for her, for my kids (and their quieting enough to let her recover)... And I feel like I'm losing ground in my whole "childbirth recovery" efforts. At least Gi-gi's forgotten how terrible it is that the kids aren't fenced in the backyard, and 'what a mess' everything is.

Well, I must gather the 'unfenced' children in. It's evening, and local mosquitoes have tested positive for West Nile, of course...

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