Friday, August 14, 2009

One Down...

...One to go, I guess.

SIL delivered a healthy 7 lb 12 oz Paisley at 12:30 or so (so much for the 9 lb prediction of the ob earlier this week *rolls eyes*). Everything went really well, according to reports. THANK YOU for your prayers!!!

Everything looked good at my midwife appt. I LOVE passing pee tests. My blood pressure was 94/65 or something like that. No induction for me! I did some errands, bought some groceries and whatnot.

I stopped at the hospital (to acquire my toilet paper) but they'd just ousted everyone to give her and her hubby time with the wee one, so wasn't able to meet her. I must admit I was a bit nervous... Would they see me teetering on the brink of 41 weeks and strap me down for some IV pit? I think my blood pressure went up for a little while at this point. I managed to leave without incident; I didn't even have to push any elevator buttons while I was there. *whew*

Thank you again!!!

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