Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nope, Still Here.

Trying not to pace like a caged animal.

The girls lost part of my snap press, halting a project I was working on.

I've been finding some great pattern alteration techniques and tutorials for making nursing wear (which I've never had, and would like to try out). BUT - I don't have enough of any suitable fabric to give it a go, which makes me a little cranky. I'm starting to eye the bedsheets and table linens...

I had about 1 1/2 contractions this morning. Do you think that means anything?

My mom delayed her arrival by a day, then another when my neice spiked a fever. They'll head this direction tomorrow, unless something else derails things. I'd like to greet my weekend guests with a baby in hand, not in womb. Otherwise I'll have to kick a houseful of people out for the event, and the grief I imagine I'll garner makes me hyperventilate. OR, send them all home Monday, with no baby present, and the grief I imagine I'll garner for that makes me hyperventilate.

Next time I'm not telling anyone I'm pregnant. Not until, like, 6 weeks after my due date. I should have something to show for it then, right?

Still praying for deliverance,


MamaJ said...

ERG! Are you at the "don't talk to me" phase yet? I get so snappy with everyone when I am (always) overdue. Castor oil? One of my friends swears by it.

Benny said...

Still thinking of you and praying for you. I sure hope that baby is in a hurry to see you soon.

And my midwife highly recommends adding the castor oil to scrambled eggs... she says you don't really taste it, and that her moms hardly ever get diarrhea that way. I think it's a tablespoon, but I don't remember. It's the main form of induction she uses, and she's super conservative.

Looking forward to the exciting announcement any day now...


Andrea said...

I'm with you solidly. I'm overdue by 4 days with my fourth and I tell you the pressure from family is worse than anything. For 9 months I've been telling them "I'll be late, I'll be late-- as always. Now don't say another word until Sept." One thing for sure is that I've used Castor Oil twice before and NOT this time. It works but it brings things on intensely and quickly. It can make for a fierce and chaotic labour and delivery. My experience for what it's worth...So I pray instead that God's timing is perfect.