Monday, August 24, 2009


I can't believe it's been 9 days already!

Nine interesting days, for sure.

Her first night, Baby slept for 5 hours straight! I was very grateful, and not under the impression that it was something I should get used to.

The next night, she did 30-45 minute increments. I think we did sleep from 4-6 though. Ugh. My midwife came later that morning to check on us, and everything seemed great. My tear was healing better than she expected, Baby was doing well, and while my temperature was a bit high (100 degrees) she figured that was from milk production.

She left, and I lied down to rest. Shortly I decided I didn't feel all that well, and checked my temp at 101.7. I called her, and she instructed me to sleep, if possible, and to check my temp again in an hour (or when I awoke) and report back. In an hour it was 102.4. She had walked me through some checks: pain in the abdomen? No. Signs of mastitis? Nope. No signs of infection anywhere that we could pinpoint. She said she would call someone and would call me back. She did so, saying she'd made an appointment for me with a doctor some 40 minutes away that she knew. And to hurry, because the appointment was in 40 minutes. My temp was 103.4 at this point, I had to find something to wear, and where in the world was the infant carseat??? We got there, late, and my midwife met us there. The doctor saw us quickly, and I was so grateful to have my midwife there to answer questions.

"Are you on any medications?" Well, no, not exactly medications. Herbs, yes. As tea, as tincture, in capsule, in a bath, yes. Vitamins, yes. I don't like pharmaceuticals.

"Have you had any tylenol, or anything?" No. I don't like pharmaceuticals.

"You should just take some tylenol..." We'll see.

My temp had dropped a bit after drinking cool water much of the way there, but it was rising again, so after confirming that I had no signs of infection, they did a pee-test (no infection) and ordered a blood test to check for elevated white cells or viral things and whatnot. The lab called the doctor who called me - before we were even halfway home! Everything was clear. Which was great, but didn't tell us what was going on. Oh, and he recommended I take tylenol. My midwife recommended I do nothing but rest and nurse Baby - even have Hubby or someone care for her otherwise.

My temperature stayed in the neighborhood of 103/103.5 all night (it seems so silly to pop tylenol for a fever just after having a baby at home without painkiller, doesn't it?), and finally started to go down early morning. 101.5 is so much nicer than 103.5. It continued to drop that day (Tuesday) and I was very grateful for that!

My mom and her kids left Wednesday morning, and Gi-gi arrived shortly thereafter for "second shift." She is still here, and will leave this Wednesday morning. My in-laws came on Saturday and took Big Sister and Little Artist for most of the day. They loved it! Of course, what's not to love about eating out, seeing a movie in a theater, and playing at Grandma's? They haven't gotten to do that before. My mother-in-law enjoyed herself too, from all reports, and wishes she didn't work full time so she could do that more. I hope I get to be a "stay at home grandma" when the time comes.

Organique has been a handful. Especially with Gi-gi's involvement. Hubby is back to work today, but he took all last week off (he's been saving vacation for a year!), and while I was reluctant at first (I figured with my mom here, then Gi-gi, he could better use it later, when everyone had gone!), I am SO grateful he did that. He really took a more active role with Organique than usual; keeping her with him as he worked in the garage or fixed the porch or whatever he was doing. He put her for naps, readied her for bed, and even *gasp!* hosed her off in the tub when she had an "accident." (He does NOT generally do such a job.) In addition, he would refill my water, make my tea, bring me food, and kept his phone on himself at all times for when he might be needed. I'm a little scared about how we'll manage now!

I'm hoping to *really* be back on my feet soon. I feel like I've been turned inside-out and could really use a chiropractor! My midwife comes again tomorrow to see how we are, and then we're on our own after Gi-gi leaves! God is good, though, and He's enabled other mothers to manage thier homes and families, so I'm trusting in Him. I think...


Benny said...

That's tough that you had the fever. I'm glad you're better now.

I hope you do well when you are on your own. I always like getting on my own after baby, but some parts of help are nice, too. As long as your body is back in running order, I'm sure you'll love life as Momma of 4. I personally found that it was really not much different from life as Momma of 3. But that's just my experience. Just more joyful little faces to look at. And a little more laundry, of course!


Anissa said...

"hosed her off in the tub" ha ha ha! Glad to hear you are recovering well and looking forward to seeing you again soon. :)

Rachel Le said...

I'm so glad your fever went down- that sounds scary! Glad you and baby are doing well- I hope you continue to feel better!