Saturday, August 08, 2009

Nope, Nuthin'.

At least, nothing that my friends and family are expecting to happen TODAY. AUGUST 8! It is, after all the DUE DATE. And if you miss your due date at the library, terrible things happen.

Which is a bummer, because I've got a daughter with a birthday of 5/5/04, and one that is 8/8/09 would be handy for remembering. Guess we could shoot for 8/9/09?

All is not lost, however. I have washed dishes (I swear that man knows not that a skillet can be washed), laundry, set up a baby changing table that a friend gave me (it's so purty! Like real furniture!), sewn some more (for my midwife. I'll have her paid off yet!), and put the girls to work for a short time doing some footwork-jobs around here.

We've had a delightful cool spell the past few days (highs in the 60s? crazy!), and it has freed me to use the dryer. I know that's not great for the power bill, but not having to hoist heavy laundry baskets full of wet clothes through the house, out the back, down the steps, down an incline and to the clothesline has made a huge difference in my "laundry productivity level." Big Sister asked why it would be so cold (chilly enough for coats yesterday!) in the middle of summer, and I told her, "Because God loves me." He does. I can feel it in the breeze. :)

Hubby, who has had very little OT this season, had to work late last night. And we had a wedding to go to. Me at 40 weeks pregnant, with 3 girls (one a VERY active toddler!) to corral at a special occasion isn't my idea of fun. Worse is when "I've had it" and take them home - BEFORE the cake was served! They had been talking about the cake all day. *sigh* I owe them a cake when I can spend more kitchen time, I suppose!

I'll try to keep things updated while we wait out this baby.

Anyone want to venture a guess as to date, or gender? Maybe weight or length? Maybe I could think up a prize for any correct guesses. And I'll try to think of something niftier than an umbilical cord clamp, ok?

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