Sunday, July 29, 2007

Faithfulness Update

The insurance adjuster came by recently to look at my roof, as well as the hood of my car (oh yes, the wind took the shingles from the roof and whacked my car with them before dropping them on the lawn). He took pictures, and gave me some paperwork to fill out.

The bottom line is that we need to pay the larger deductible ($500) and we will have a new roof, and a nicer hood on my car.

Of course, if I want a nicer side to my car, that's an extra $1100 (my fault, durn burning barrel).

Why am I always so amazed at God's goodness? I am amazed. I have been nearly in tears all day due to gratefulness (and tired feet, but that's another issue). I have a mindset that needs seriously changed. I grew up always figuring that I'd have a hard time having kids as punishment for some sin. Why kids? Because I so wanted to be a wife and mother. I assumed if I wanted it that bad, I'd have to tolerate much heartache along the way as recompense for... something. Anything. But it wasn't so. The first two were "planned", and came right away. This one I think the kids prayed into being (warning; if your daughters want a baby brother and you tell them to 'talk to Jesus about it', they just might). I figured it'd be many years before we could ever afford a 'bigger' house (our first was 874 sq. ft), and God blessed us with this one (three times that or more) after almost no time at all. With the market change, you can hardly rent a house now in Town for what we pay on our mortgage out here. I struggled with that, because we were certainly far less 'deserving' (in my mind) than many of our friends or family. When we started looking for a car about a year-and-a-half ago or so, I researched and knew I wanted a new-ish Toyota Camry, but with a manual transmission. NOT a common item, apparently. Not only did we find one nearby we could afford, but it had such extras as I'd not even thought of. A moon-roof, a 6-cd changer, a power-driver's seat, and a magic rearview mirror that 'dimmed' without being angled upward. It still doesn't make sense to me. Why does God care about this stuff for me when there are 'more important' things in the world, like Christians being slaughtered in Sudan or innocent babies starving, or a million other more worthy causes than my transportational comfort??? I don't know why. Maybe this is why I need to have a serious paradigm shift. Maybe this is evidence that I don't know Him near enough at all. I'm sure it is. Which means I need to get off here and go talk to Him a while...

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