Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rooster Domestication???

Can it be? Is Red joining the ranks of the civilized? I am almost hoping.

Hubby had another ... discussion ... with him last week. One that I could not even blog about due to it's... possible misunderstandings. Let's leave it at that.

Earlier, my daughter asked me if I could go build a fence in the yard. (oh, of course... let's see if my tool belt still fits...) She said the rooster was out.

She went and cautiously played anyway, and eventually came in to inform her little sister that "the rooster isn't mean! It's scared of us! C'mon!" and they both went outside to play.

A few minutes later, as I sat here working on the last blog, she came in (the computer is upstairs) to "show me". Yes, she had the rooster in her arms and carried him thru the house and upstairs just to let me know how tame he really is.

I could almost believe it. *astonishment*

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