Sunday, August 08, 2010

Email to my Mother-In-Law

This is what I sent her.  No "Dear Mom," no "Love, Ella."  The subject line read "Christmas" and this was the message:

I'd like to say how much I'd be interested in some more of that wonderful Burt's Bees stuff for Christmas, if budgetary regulations allow for a non-handmade holiday.  Both the Milk & Shea Butter Body Wash and Milk and Honey Lotion were fantastic.  Too bad they're both all gone.

My gift to you will be to end the year with as many grandchildren as you started it.

And I'm asking Hubby for new carpet.  And bedding.  And books.

I'm asking Jesus for grace.  Quickly.


Truth be told, the body wash was poured down my bathroom sink drain a couple months back.  And the lotion isn't terribly destructive to carpet and books on it's own, no, it's her diabolical recipe that does it.  I also need another bottle of bright-yellow B-vitamin capsules.  

*sigh*   <---  planning for time and perspective to shift these to *grin*

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Anonymous said...

That Burt Bee's stuff is great! I love it too! I hope you get it for Christmas :)