Saturday, August 28, 2010

Farmer's Market

Do you have a Farmer's Market in your area?  We have, forever.  Like many, though, it has turned from farmer's selling excess produce at a higher-than-commodity (but still cheaper than retail!) price into more of an organic, specialized, niche market.  There are benefits and drawbacks to this, of course.  You don't usually get conventionally grown produce, but a local organic farmer is selling green beans for $3.50/lb.  *gulp*  

I stopped by earlier this year, and wasn't terribly impressed.  It seemed more like a craft fair than a farmer's market (though I did get there towards the end and maybe the foodstuffs were sold out by then). This last time was MUCH different; there were more vendors and plenty of produce, and the craft items were a nice addition.

I love home-canned jams and goodies.  I kinda like that shelf they're displayed in too, but I don't think it was for sale...

This was about 20% or less of the vendors.  The lady in the black pants in the center is a vendor, and also leases my field for her sheep.  Though her sheep aren't here yet.  Hm...

I LOVE embroidered dishtowels.  My sister-in-law made me a darling set of herb-themed ones a few years ago for Christmas.  I still jealously guard them from any use save drying *clean* dishes.  They've stayed nice, and I still love them dearly.

The Alpaca lady lives not too far from me.  This was alpaca mixed with nylon; perhaps for weaving rugs (you can see the tiniest edge of a woven rug on the left of the photo).

I saw one man buy a sunflower stem for his little girl who was walking hand-in-hand with him through the market.  Slowly, at her pace.  She couldn't have been but 2 at the most.

This vendor I thought was particularly brave!  :)

Rattlesnake melons!  For *cough choke* sixteen dollars. Each.

These little spreaders (?) were so cute.  And sanded so smooth and thin along that edge!  I really should find out the price (I wasn't a buyer that day, but I am acquainted with this vendor/craftsman).

I have one kindof like this, half-done.  Mine doesn't sit nearly so flat as these do.  I think the key is in making the crochet loose enough.  Maybe.

Our market is Saturday mornings in Town.  I have some neighbors who are market gardeners, but they sell in a more distant (and more elite) town.

I have a dream of one day setting up a booth and blowing everyone away with my mad sewing and baking skillz, maybe even something homegrown or home canned.  Oh, and with four lovely aproned sidekicks, of course. :)  Big Sister has already talked of baking things to sell "when she grows up."  I must say her cookies are VERY short-lived around here.  If I *really* let myself dream, I imagine a really free market for raw dairy products and more, in a similar venue.  Perhaps these Blessings of mine will be for Baker, Gardener, Seamstress and Milkmaid...?  ;)

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