Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun Treasure

I've taken a few opportunities lately to head out early on a Saturday morning in search of particular treasures.  Of course, as is the nature of garage sales, I found several unexpected ones as well.

This little footstool I bought for $2.  A rural home set among trees, and a choked up granny selling stuff to move with her daughter, since her husband had passed away.  A gem, she.  The woman I believe was her daughter dandled a little girl on her knee, born last Thanksgiving after ten long years of trying for and losing pregnancies.  It was all I could do to peruse the yard without tears fully spilling down as I rejoiced with the woman.  What a blessing!

Anyways, the footstool:  Old, dirty, not to pretty...

But it was well-made, and only needed a little tightening of screws and nuts and bolts (some or all) on the underside.

I unscrews the pad from the frame, and sanded (and sanded and sanded) the frame.  I* cut a new piece of plywood to replace the warped one, found some new (thicker) foam and some fabric, and after repainting the frame, put it all back together...

Lovely, is it not?  Much 'cushier,' too. :)  And you may recognize the fabric, for I've used it before... (and since, actually).  Yesterday's post on the closet bunks had a view of the quilt too.

*by "I," I mean "Hubby."  ahem.

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sariah said...

Very pretty! Those are my favorite kind of projects- paint and recover a cushioned get great results in not too much time.