Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Starting Harvest

The garden is finally starting to come into production.  And I'm out of town for a wedding!  Ack!  Please, sweet corn, do NOT fully mature today.  Please wait a few more days, please?

Here is a 3 or 4 gallon bucket of Anaheim chiles I harvested last week.  I have 18 plants, with the goal of roasting and freezing enough to keep Hubby happy all year without buying any of those little cans of overpriced "diced green chiles."

It turns out they're expensive, but maybe not overpriced.  Following these instructions takes a good long time to get a little bit put up.

I was disappointed to have Hubby roast the bucket of peppers, then spend a LONG time wearing rubber gloves to get this measley-in-comparison pile of chiles ready to freeze, but he later informed me he still had up to half the bucket left to roast.  I'm glad 3 gallons wasn't reduced to 1 quart, but still a little daunted at the time it takes.  Now if I could get him to peel and seed them himself....

The green beans are coming on, and the chickens and I race to see who can get to the just-turning tomatoes first.

These beans fed us for a meal, and I trimmed, blanched, and froze the rest on a cookie sheet, and then transferred them to a gallon ziploc bag.  They're semi-loose and will be easy to portion out for cooking, much as I do the ones we usually buy from Costco.

Also, instead of dicing the chiles, or putting them in ziplocs as the link suggested, I "piled" them in portion-sizes on a cookie sheet (lined with parchment) and froze them that way.  They'll go into ziplocs, but in frozen portions, rattling around and sharing a single large bag (or several large bags).

If any tomatoes are left when I get home (doggone chickens are getting in somehow), I'll start freezing them, and might even try some "tomato fruit roll-up" in the dehydrator, for use as 'tomato paste' in recipes.

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sariah said...

That plate was half the bucket??? Wow. It does make me appreciate those can a little bit more.