Thursday, April 28, 2011

Broiler Feeders

We've had trouble with getting enough feed into the broilers after a certain age. I saw a how-to post on some like these (I can't find the blog! She seemed lovely, like someone I'd like to be in another life, but she is lost to me..), so I decided to try my hand...

First I had Hubby detour into the field so we could load a busted piece of gated pvc-pipe into the truck. Then I asked him where he put my tools when he borrowed them (I'm a little bit kidding. Barely.). :) I cut the pipe at about 4-feet, did a very poor job of it too, and then found some scrap lumber to do the ends.

Hubby used some electrical conduit for the handles, and then I had him saw a rib out of the shredded greenhouse, hoping it would slide over the conduit with enough space to 'spin' so the birds can't roost on it. As it turned out, it was a bit too snug a fit, but the conduit seems to spin a bit in the wooden holes of the ends, so He screwed the pvc to the conduit, which keeps the conduit from sliding too far left or right and out of its spot entirely.

So far so good!

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