Friday, April 22, 2011


... the earth was at a proper angle to provide this kind of sunset:

Once, it was warm enough to stand outdoors at sunset with a camera.

I begin to wonder if it might always be winter (and never Christmas).


Fatima said...

Thanks for your comment over at my silly little blog.
I think we are both in agreement. I'd like to say what you said, but many of my readers aren't where we are on this topic. I recently started writing a column for the local paper. Don't want to run folks off before I get a chance to say what I think ;).
Thanks for taking the time to share your viewpoint. Hope lots of folks with do some serious thinking.

EllaJac said...

You are very good to be cautious. I tend to just put it all out there, when it would be so much wiser to make one point at a time, and not scare/offend everyone at the beginning! :) There's a reason my 'politics' tag has one of the higher numbers compared to others... :]