Friday, April 29, 2011

What Is It?

An outhouse?

A little playhouse?


Is it a jail? A cage? What do you suppose is so fascinating?

Can you see it?

"Mom, this is our playhouse... NOT a barn!!"

"Hey, do you like it when I feed you? I thought so. Shush."

He's a 1 day old bull calf. We call him Sir Loin of Jerseyshire. :)

You're calling me WHAT?
He's PRECIOUS. Seriously, he needs to spend the next 1-2 years getting REALLY ugly, because this just won't do for dinner:

I am so excited! Our first 'real live farm mammal'!


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!! I want to pet him! He looks adorable!

Fatima said...

Adorable! Calves are beautiful creatures and that one is adorable! Bet your kids are enjoying mixing those big bottles!

Monica said...

They're so cute at that age. ^_^

Rachel Le said...

So. cute. I do hope he gets ugly :P

Didn't you have a pig once?

EllaJac said...

Rachel, yes, we actually had 2, about 4 years ago. And they WERE mammals, to be sure, but not ones I was comfortable letting my kids maul and play with and all that (Pigs can eat people). At this point, the calf is definitely a step up. :)

Danielle said...

My calves were super cute too, but I hated them. I think it was due to me being newly pregnant and extremely exhausted, but their head butting and biting and sucking on my arm, just made me mad. I read your little guy got sick and but is on the mend. That is so good. Can't wait to see how things roll for you all!

EllaJac said...

Danielle, that would do it! We have just this ONE (we were thinking of several.. we'll see!), and physically I'm "as good as it gets" (not pregnant, not post-partum, nursing only at bedtime). Even then, it's been a challenge, all this springtime stuff.