Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beefin' Up

Remember when we were just about out of beef? I know, I know. It was very sad.

But -- It has a happy ending!

No, we haven't started our own beef production (yet!). We're still consumers in that market.

THIS time, I wanted to hold out for something grass-fed, as opposed to grain-fattened. If you're not sure why, google it. I know, I could do that and link it for you, but I'm lazy right now. It comes down to the types of fats. Something that gets fat from salad has better fat (omega 3s) than something that gets fat on doughnuts.

Hm.. there's a thought. "I might be fat, but these rolls are Omega-3. They're good fat (rolls)."

In any case, I was dying for spaghetti. It had been months since I'd seen a pound of ground beef around here, and I was desperate. I called a natural foods store in Town, and talked to the wonderful proprietor. He in fact DID have some organic grass-fed beef in stock - just delivered (interestingly, raised by my organic-farmer neighbor down the road) that day. I paid $5 for a pound of it *gulp!*

I knew I couldn't keep that habit up, so I asked him whether or not he knew of any producers that would sell me a whole entire cow. He gave me a couple names and phone numbers. Nice of him, considering that sealed the deal for him that I wouldn't be buying beef from him again for a very long time. I found one guy with some ready-to-go Angus; fed a green ration (alfalfa/grass/etc) and NO grain. I paid 1.30/lb for 1200 lbs ($1560), plus cut and wrap, which was $240 I think. All in all, I have nearly 500 lbs of beef in the freezer, at an average of $3.60/lb or so. Expensive-r than the last local one I got (grain-fed), but it's far better for us. And considering that the cost of everything has been going up--especially grain, it probably wasn't that bad.

What IS bad, maybe, is that I'm rationing the hamburger while not caring about the porterhouse steaks....

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