Monday, August 18, 2008

Campin' Baby

I know I'm long overdue for some camping news. With the computer failure and replacement, and my finally getting the camera and computer speaking the same language, I was able to upload-download-offload the pictures to the hard drive. It's been nearly 2 months since I did that! But don't worry: There were (barely) less than 500 pictures to deal with.

I'll try to write the whole story later, though I'm not sure if that's reasonable. I'm starting with a couple darling shots of Organique in the Great Outdoors.

I think she was the only one who got a bath. I did go swimming a time or two though. The tub she's in is fabulous:

It's a stainless half-long, very deep steam table tray from my favorite kitchen store: the local restaurant supply. It carried books to camp, was the mixing bowl for my giant potato salad prior to camping, and served another important purpose (to be disclosed later) during that week.

On another note, she took her first steps today! Three days shy of 11 months.

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