Sunday, August 24, 2008


I don't know what it is about this element of my life. I love it, but I'm not sure why. I LOVE hanging out laundry, especially diapers. While doing it, I ponder the possibilities.

Is it because they're all nice rectangles, and they satisfy my mathematical/spatial side? The way they share clothespins at the exact same distances? Is it because they're (mostly) white and clean? Perhaps because the relative quiet and repetition of the job relaxes me? Maybe how the damp diapers contrast with the heat of summer? The way the evening light hits them and they glow? Or because they represent so much... saving money, caring for my sweet baby, my role as a mother, the privilege of serving this way in this season. Maybe it's their sheer simplicity and lovely old-fashioned-ness. I'm the only people I know of that use these antiquated things, and I love it. Whatever it is (and I think it's all of these, combined), I'm fascinated that something that I always understood to represent thankless drudgery ("spent her life scrubbing diapers...") is actually a tremendous blessing and joy in reality.


MamaJ said...

You know what, I think it's a beautiful sight also! I need to get my supply of diapers going for our little bun. Have a good day.

Sariah said...

Beautiful! What an inspiring post! I loved the surprise of seeing Organique in the basket.
I started out the summer hanging up clothes, but then I got busy and kept forgetting to take clothes off the line before night. That meant the automatic sprinklers would soak them at about 5 a.m. So then I would have to let them dry again, get busy, forget them AGAIN, soak, rinse, repeat. Oooops. I eventually gave up but now I want to try again.

EllaJac said...

Hehe, I've DONE that. Our sprinklers come on about 10 pm, though, (and not right under the clothesline yet), so I'd hear them and go running outdoors to save the laundry. My motivation now is sundown; bugs like to start resting on the fabric for nighttime, and I don't like having to shake every item as I remove it. Or find creepy crawlies when I fold.

Homeschool idea: Have the kids hang their DIRTY clothes on the line, mix a little laundry soap in a spray bottle, spray the stains, and check them in the morning (or in a day or two). :) You may have a really great energy-saving method here.

Meghann said...

What a beautiful post...I agree completely! You articulated my thoughts so much better than I ever could :)