Tuesday, August 26, 2008


That's what it's been around here lately. Gi-gi came on Sunday, a spur-of-the-moment thing, to do all my laundry and get her 'great-granddaughter fix.' It's Tuesday and we're almost through the laundry.

A windstorm came up last night, and blew everything to heck. Last week, a brief wind dislodged a large greenhouse-cover (which we cut from to cover the chicken house as needed) and blew itself across two fences. It was like a large, white wedding-veil, attached at one end to barbed wire, flowing across an irrigation ditch, up to another fence, attached (a greater portion) to it's barbed wire, with the base still lodged under the wood which was to hold it down. Last night's wind blew the opposite direction, but the barbed wire held fast, while the formerly-wood-laden end blew free, whipping and snapping loudly all through the night. The screen door nearby (directly below our bedroom window) came free of it's fixture (which I think was a screw through it into the wall of the house, keeping it forever open), and banged and slammed at will. I do not recall if it was at my 1:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. exit from bed that I took myself downstairs and out, to wedge my shovel against it while my nightgown flapped loudly. Too loud for night.

Big Sister has had a semi-quasi-cold, a bit of a cough and congestion, and (conveniently timed) moments of exhaustion (usually around chore time). Organique spiked a fever briefly on Friday night, and then worse by Saturday night. Sunday night she lay in my arms, burning up and shaking as with the chills. That was enough to spur me into using the expired infant Tylenol. She has had few other symptoms, but this morning, finally, the fever seemed lessened. I am grateful for that. Last night I started with a sore throat, and I'm hoping Zicam is lactation-approved, in spite of it's universal warning label.

I am getting that post-garden shift in motivation (except, we're still in the throes of garden). Wanting to clean out and rearrange and paint and sew and knit and quilt and organize. Lucky (or not) for me, there's plenty of that to do around here.

Gi-gi leaves today, and my folks are arriving Thursday evening with my step-brother's kids whom they care for primarily. We plan to take in the county fair and go swimming (and then collapse, if my guess is right).

I have yet to check the garden for wind damage, but from the sounds of things, the guineas didn't blow away. Loud critters, those.

The chickens are getting a bit big for their quarters, so we need to either eat a few or change accommodations for some.

Other than all that, things are pretty slow... :)

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MamaJ said...

Wow-zers. Busy times! We are still drying out the garage from the rains Tropical Storm Eduoard dropped on us, and it looks like there is another storm heading our way from the Gulf. Sometimes, I wish nature would just cooperate...