Tuesday, August 19, 2008

These Eggs Don't Dye

God makes them this way, Big Sister tells me. Early in our egg adventure, when the hens wouldn't stay put or use their nest boxes appropriately, I joked that every day was an Easter-egg hunt around here. Of course, all the eggs were brown.

That has since changed, with our recent additions of two Araucanas and a Brown Leghorn:

The Araucanas lay the green-blue eggs (and sometimes pink, I'm told, but none of ours are pinkies), and the Brown Leghorn lays the white. These particular brown eggs came from Whitey-Black, our Barred Rock.
They even match my new counter. :)


MamaJ said...

Yes, but do they still scramble yellow? :-)

EllaJac said...

Yes, bright, vivid yellow. These hens get lots of green in their diet. The yolks alone are orangey. :)

sariahp said...

This is a beautiful picture! You don't really need a fancy camera now do you?