Friday, August 29, 2008

Garden Growth

Today I picked the first non-cherry tomato. It's almost ripe, an Early Girl. I kindof picked a Siletz the other day, but it was all mutant and the plant has issues. It doesn't count. I've got chicken soup simmering, a homegrown chicken, carrots, onions and beans from the garden. We've been eating potatoes from plants that died (our soaker hose plan has developed some leaks), and crookneck squash. The sweet corn, while only knee-high in some places, is putting on ears, and the dill in everything has been fantastic.

These pictures are from last week, or earlier, but they give a good idea.

Onions, carrots, dill

First cherry tomato

See?!? I DO have a green thumb (and fingers)!

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MamaJ said...

Sounds yummy!!! We are evacuating tomorrow from the hurricane heading our way! Wish we could head all the way "up yonder" to meet my Internet friends in REAL LIFE! Ha. Talk to you soon! Jana