Thursday, January 14, 2010


This is it.  The earth has been enduring my presence for 32 years today.  Actually, tonight.  10:39 pm, to be exact, though I wasn't born in this time zone, so I should probably consider it 11:39 here.  Weird to think that if my mom travelled east before I was born that I might've had a January 15 birthday.  I wonder if they take into consideration the time zone of conception...  That could change things for some people, I'm sure... :)

I am blessed.  I have four of the most beautiful daughters anyone could hope for, a home to sustain them, the opportunity to provide for them the training I think God wants for them, a husband to facilitate much of this, to say nothing of our many luxuries. 

Monday I was having a hard time.  The camera I have been batting my eyes at for nearly 2 years was coming into closer reach.  We'd gotten some "medical expense" money back at year-end, having paid the bills through the year and turning in receipts, and Hubby thought he'd stay busy this winter, there being many pivots to build and wire up.

He was wrong, though, and after 2 hours at work on Monday, he came home.  My camera again retreated into the hazy distance, and I struggled to keep a good attitude.  Hubby felt down, I think, and the way he deals with that sometimes brings out the worst in me.

Then there was Haiti.  Nothing like seeing true devastation to put your DSLR pity party into perspective.

[This post interrupted to deal with a nose-bloodied toddler and accompanying laundry.  We now return to irregularly-scheduled posting.]

So today I count my blessings, and thank God for the abundance.  My "need" is turned into "extra" to donate to Haiti (Food for the Poor has a near 98% of donations going to relief). 

Thank you God for 32 years of life, health, and blessing -- and the opportunity to share just a tiny bit of it.  May it, and all things, point people to You.


Rin said...

Happy Birthday! Many Blessings!

Oh, hi, have I ever commented here before? Been lurking for awhile...

EllaJac said...

Rin, Thank you! No, I don't think you've commented... I thought all my lurkers had moved on. :D Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!