Saturday, January 30, 2010

Roadtrip Speedbumps

I found another post-worthy story, though the photos are lackluster.  Just pretend with me, would you, that they are better, and taken with that one thing I want so badly?  Thank you.

Daily life is so routine around here (ha.  ha.) that I have to go waaay back to Thanksgiving Week, when we visited my folks.

Remember that half-day vacation?  Remember how I lamented all the unknown possibilities for things to go wrong?  Of course, nothing did, and it was smooth-sailing the whole way.  Ahem.

Except for a few things.  Like, dilly-dallying around a coastal town until WAY past *my* preferred departure time, letting Hubby poke through a fascinating museum, while played lost-and-found (mostly found, thank God) with the kids, potty-relay, and ok-I-need-not-be-a-naggy-unsubmissive-impatient-obnoxious-wife in the same (They didn't even charge extra for all those things I got to play in there!).

No, it wasn't that bad.  Though we could've spent much more time there.  At the very end, when I was in the little entrance lobby, and Hubby was poking around the gift shop (NOT the same as the museum, you know), I paused on a bench to nurse baby before our lonnnggg journey to my parents'.

We took a long route, so as to cross a very cool bridge and traverse a very cool highway (which, oddly enough, are very hard to enjoy in the dark), and we eventually made it there, far, far past bedtime.

Sometime a couple days later, Hubby was clearing out some of the aftermath in the van, and asked about my wallet.  I directed him to where it was, but that didn't amount to much.  We checked my coat, the diaper bag, and all the other-likely places before really searching through the van.  Nothing.  Thankfully we have very little by way of credit cards and such, and calling about our accounts was fairly simple.  Though I had run out of the cash I'd kept in my pocket.  We were really at a loss as to what had happened - figuring it fell out of the van at a wet, dark gas station along the way, probably.  We did look up the phone number of the museum, one state away, and lo and behold some kind soul had found it on the bench and turned it in to the desk - without even touching the couple-hundred dollars of trip cash inside it.

God is so good.

Tomorrow I'll tell you what we did about it.


Suki said...

God IS good and so are a lot of people :) I have no doubt that God had a hand in the return of your wallet, but just wanted to offer up praise for the honest person who turned it in as well.

EllaJac said...

Suki, yes, you are right! I am so thankful to the person who turned it in! I wish there was a way to find out who, and thank them (the museum didn't take their name).