Saturday, January 16, 2010

She Loves The Thumb

She's a happy baby.  Fat and happy.  I'm surprised she's still so roly-poly, considering how she's substituted The Thumb for her former nursing habit.  She still nurses, of course, but The Thumb now takes the brunt.

It's usually the left thumb, though not always.

When I carry her, or when she sleeps.  But she's so cute bundled up in her carseat:



Anonymous said...


Benny said...

So cute! I'm secretly hoping this new little one of mine will be a thumb sucker - or at the very least a binky baby. I think I could use a #5 who is pacified by something other than me on occasion. ;o)

Plus, that thumb really is so cute!


sariah said...

She is so very very cute!! I think I want to help my little guy figure out his thumb. Currently his thing is to try to get his whole fist in!