Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow Big Deal

Back when we had snow, and not just mud, Big Sister was so excited to make snowmen.  She's tried several times, but we never had the "good, sticky, snowman-snow."  At Grandma's, she borrowed some gloves and went out to make Grandma a snowman.  Grandma loved it, and I thought it was very well done, with arms and pebble-eyes to boot.  She even formed him a snow-hat, which you can almost see in the picture.

My favorite, though, was when Hubby was still working full-time hours, and she wanted to make a surprise for him.  She worked outdoors in the twilight before coming to say it was ready:


She made three small snowmen in the driveway "for Daddy to run over when he gets home."  Who needs boys, when you have girls who think like that?! :)
I didn't even begrudge the organic carrot she adorned one with.

(And yes, Daddy happily plowed his Dodge 3500 HEMI service truck through them when he arrived. :) )

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