Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Frugal Gifting

Last Thanksgiving time, when we took our half-day vacation en route to my folks, we stopped at a beach or two.

At one, Little artist found the sand-caked remains of a bouquet, and excitedly ran them alllllll across the beach, back to the van, where I nursed Baby. Discouraging her from any more perishable souvenirs, we compromised by taking a picture of the arrangement she left in the sand next to our vehicle.

I thought it a very artistic display. No cost to her, and benefit for me, for the next beach visitors, and readers of this blog too. 


Monica said...

Beautiful picture. =)

MamaJ said...

So pretty!

Cara said...

So neat to find others who are like minded! We used to have chickens when we lived in the country- we realized we need more savings before being in the country though, so we're in town now. I sew diapers too. Glad to meet you! Subscribing to your blog, looks like fun!
Cara (Health Home and Happiness)