Friday, January 15, 2010

Birthday Surprise

Don't you love a good surprise on your birthday?  Like, a surprise party with all your best friends, or the keys to a new vehicle, or someone you thought was far away shows up?  Well, I didn't have those kinds of surprises yesterday, but I did have a surprise.

To start with, Organique showed signs of the surprise.  This is never a good sign:

Oh yes.  That's paint.  And not even the Zero VOC kind I've been loving.  Leftover Satin Latex is what it is.  Well, it WAS "leftover."  Now I call it "allover."

Yep.  "Allover" the carpet, and "allover" the wall.  A splash or two on my reclining camp chair, and ditto for the JBL speaker.  It pooled around the bookshelf, but I saved it.

By the way, the paint can was on it's side, and it's nearly-full contents were thick upon the circle you see there.  This is after I scooped handfuls of paint up and filled the can back nearly three-fourths full.  Do you think we have another Little Artist?  Or maybe just another Little Monkey?  Let's have a closer look at the detail:

Oo, blurry picture.  Sorry.  The wall already had white areas (gouges and scraped paint).  Sadly, my mind wasn't running on all cylinders, and it was a few hours before I could reach Hubby and his wise counsel to use the shop vac and water to clean the carpet.  Not how I planned to spend my birthday, certainly, but I recovered.  The carpet only kindof recovered.  It looks now like a ghostly intruder was slaughtered.  That'll teach 'em.

Good thing she's cute...

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