Sunday, January 24, 2010

Helping Haiti

Have you forgotten Haiti?  I haven't.  I can't.  I feel more deeply about this than the Katrina disaster, though that was bad too.

Have you helped?  Have you donated?  Have you prayed?  Continue to do so, please.  I'm blogging about this here to make an additional effort.

I was reading about it, hearing about it, googling about it when it first happened.  The Common Room always has great current-events information, among other things, and they had some posts with excerpts from missionaries from Haiti and such.  I liked these "on-the-ground" missions and I was surprised to see a dear friend on Facebook link to one of the very same organizations, and speak of them with considerable familiarity.  It turns out my friend went to college with these people (well, after she left the college *I* was going to), and had nothing but good things to say about them.  I'd been dragging my feet on the donation thing - unsure where to send one, and worried about budgetary issues (which seems so pathetic in light of the "actual" need Haiti has), but after a trusted friend endorsing them, I donated my paltry sum to The Apparent Project.  It wasn't much, though, and, of course, my husband was laid off a couple weeks ago, so there wasn't much in our future either. It was still on my heart, though, and God graciously brought opportunities.  Remember the picture of the picture?  Well, someone locally asked about it, and made an offer... which suddenly seemed like a good way to donate more.  So I will (the check is in the mail, I'm told. :)).  I realized I still had Mary Kay stuff taking up shelf space, and (God bless facebook!) put out the word that I'd take offers for whatever people wanted.  I've had a handful of people respond and, praise God!, have well over $100 to donate additionally!

There are ways.  There are ways to squeeze out a little bit here and there.  This is how I'm doing it.  You can read about other ways here.

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