Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bit O' Progress

Well, the midwife had good news for me. I was beginning to worry that last week she meant "point three" centimeters. I'm at four now, and 80% effaced. Baby is at minus-two station (darn, I was hoping for -5). I managed to do my errands with only one complaint. I'll list it here, just because I'm not sure what else to write... It was my 5th of 6 stops, to pick up some yellow wax beans and some celery at the local grocery. I parked in the semi-shade along the side of the parking lot, where I often do (as do others). My separating pelvis makes for painful ins and outs from the car, but I got out and slowly made my way up to the front and onto the sidewalk in front of the store. By this time a semi was coming along the front, and the driver was wildly waving his arm at me and pointing. Apparently he didn't like where I'd parked. I paused and looked at him, to make sure he was serious. Indeed he was, because the pointing and waving only increased. With some astonishment I shook my head and turned, carefully stepping down from the walk and ambling back towards my car (maybe 40-50 feet away) -- giant semi truck following right behind me! I (carefully) got into my car, (manually) hoisted my feet onto the pedals and pulled into a parking space. I (carefully) removed myself from the car, and made my way (this time successfully) into the store. He didn't actually 'use' the parking spot, but possibly used it to make a wide turn before backing into the loading bay. I don't think he gestured wildly to the dumpster that was just behind where I parked, but I wasn't watching him to see. I'm sure I sound very hoity-toity, or that the world owes me some concessions, but dang, it would've made a big difference had the guy rolled his window down and started with "excuse me, ma'am..." I guess he communicates better in gestures. I wish I had known the gestures for, "Are you kidding? I'm basically in early labor here, buddy! Show some compassion!" Hubby recommended a gesture, but it's not one I keep in my vocabulary.

I spent some time in the garden again today. It's really more like a jungle though. I've trimmed up all the tomato vines I can find, so hopefully they'll put their plant energy into bulking up the tomatoes and ripening them eventually. Maybe I'll go pick some jalapenos and send them with the midwife. They're easier to harvest than carrots, and neither of the above are OK for Hubby's diet right now. I will probably freeze some though, in hopes that eventually he will be able to partake. Weird to be on a diet that won't let you eat carrots, huh?

Between the lost glasses, the delayed baby, the business-going-crazy, and the remodel issues, my folks have decided that my mom must leave here Sunday morning. They MAY be able to return next week, but right now I'm just hoping to have their grandkid before she has to go. Now would be good. The good thing is, with being nearly half-dilated, it shouldn't take 3 days of labor to get this job done. The midwife wants me to call 'right away' if I go into labor. I'm wondering if I delay a bit, or she gets lost on the way, can I get a rebate or something? Wood pellets are through the roof this year, and I could use some extra cash.

Speaking of, they're delivering the wood pellets tomorrow. That could be interesting, depending on what's going on tomorrow. I (or someone) may have to sign for the overnighted glasses as well. Good grief.

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Tanya said...

Im glad to here that some progress is happening. In no time you will be holding that baby. You have alot of patience. Can't wait to here about the great news.