Friday, September 07, 2007


It's been a busy week! Since Pan Guy finished the shower pan, Hubby has been working on all the other details. Taping and thin-setting the joints in the shower walls, putting up sheetrock on the outside, widening the 'doorway' to the toilet, moving electrical switches, putting in more, and even putting in a recessed light. Tile Guy came on Wednesday and Thursday, and I expect him this afternoon as well. A good portion of the wall tiles are done, and another friend who is a plumber's apprentice got me a pretty spectacular catalog of Moen fixtures. It's a contractor's catalog, and I really like this style. However, now that I'm looking at their retail prices online, I'm seriously doubting we can even afford the contractor's cost. When you buy the Costco toilet paper by the pile (cheap), it's hard to justify a $40 TP holder!!! And the finish I prefer (oil-rubbed bronze) seems to add $10-100 per item, for heaven's sake.

On Wednesday, my good friend (and Tile Guy's wife) came over and helped me do a few things. We picked beets and got them cooking (you have to entirely cook them whole, then chill, peel, and dice before freezing. Very annoying. And I don't even like beets), and cleaned and arranged part of my room in preparation for Baby's arrival. I even found all the pieces to the Graco playpen/bassinet thingy. She also swept (shoveled?) and mopped the kitchen and dining room, and they look great. I had just done it myself last Friday, but you wouldn't have guessed it by Wednesday.

Gi-gi came on Tuesday, and just left today. She must've done 100 loads of laundry, though I don't think we have that many clothes around here. She also tackled the Family Room, which I have barely stepped foot in (i.e. it was a disaster) and other little chores everywhere.

Thursday I went to Town for my errands, solo. It was also my oldest's 6th Birthday. I was sorry to be gone much of the day, but we are planning cake for Saturday. I had to stop by one of those home improvement warehouses to return some items, and wanted to look at the shower fixtures, which the gal directed me to the FAR corner of the store. I sighed. "Other than swallow my pride (and wear a bag on my head?), what do I have to do to borrow one of those little motor scooter thingies?" Yes, I used it. I would've left the store without the shopping if I'd have had to walk. The beets and cleaning and cooking for a crew so wiped me out on Wednesday that Thursday was excruciating. I managed to do 10 of 15 stops, returning home after 7 or more hours away. It included lunch with friends and a visit to the midwife, where everything is checking out (though I have 'trace leukocytes' in my urine), and 2 visits to a tile shop, where I got a giant free tile to have Tile Guy make some corner shelves, and had to return later to retrieve my cell phone. I still had my major grocery shopping to accomplish, and a scripture came to me that I need to hold on to: It's in Romans 8-ish, and says something like "the sufferings of this present time aren't worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us." I couldn't recall the second part, and had to call my dad. I had the sufferings part embedded, but couldn't remember the rest. I think that verse is highly appropriate considering my present time!

I rested when I got home, more or less, but forgot to eat anything more than a bowl of popcorn (organic, of course). I didn't sleep much last night, and when I did it was full of bizarre dreams, and it wasn't until 4:30 a.m. that I realized I was probably very hungry.

I'm now convinced that my Prenatal Tea does wonders for my emotional state. At least at this point. I did those errands yesterday after leaving it at home, and it's not the first time I've noticed serious destabilization when I haven't had it. I got home, drank some up, and could cope much better. And it was nice to be home.

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Tanya said...

Glad to see you are getting alot done around the house. It is so nice to have everything planned and accomplished before the baby arrives. It's even nicer of your friends to come over and help you out. I would love to see the new bathroom when it is done. Sounds like it will look great!Take this week and get lots of rest! you will need it when the baby arrives.