Thursday, September 27, 2007


We've been scared into painting part of our house. That's right. Scared. Part. My dad says our house will rot from the outside in (of course, he lives where algae growing on your house is normal) if we don't deal with the fact that the wood is showing through the paint. That's the scared part. The Part part is because we priced primer and paint. Holy Moly, whatever moly is. We used our 'discount membership' through our insurance and bought what we hoped would be enough primer and paint to do the front of the house. Five gallons of each. Almost $300. Of course, Hubby misunderstood which side of the house was in Dire Need and started on the side of the house instead of the front, and we're going to need more primer. Perhaps the north and east sides will remain Chipped Beige, the west side will live Primer White, and only the front will end up Clary Sage (which I chose while sitting in front of the computer monitor). Wow, to think I get to keep the taxes down without rotting my house away. *sigh* Where IS that St. John's Wort?

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Tanya said...

Sounds like you are going to have your hands full. I hope everything goes smooth and that you will have fun!