Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tile Woes

Well, not the tile, specifically. But the tile project in general. The grout was done Sunday evening, and now we're faced with the issue of the fixtures. Our main problem: Behind the grout/tile/thinset/durock is our shower valve. It is one of those typical (or so I thought) valves which you pull out (to turn the water on) and adjust left or right for the temperature. The other side of the problem is I Hate Chrome. I would like a nice oil-rubbed bronze, or antique bronze. Heck, I'd settle for a miserable brushed nickel if I had to. But so far NONE of those nice finishes are available for the old-style valves. They're all made for the pressure-control, temperature-regulated, no-pulling-required valves. And as mentioned before, the valve isn't exactly accessible. What IS available? Chrome. Chrome and plastic. I'm sure the universe would collapse in upon itself if I built a fancy custom tile shower and put chrome and plastic fixtures into it.

What are the options, then? Well, Chrome and plastic, obviously, though the universe would be at considerable risk, and I would be considerably put out. The other option is to tear into the wall from the other side to change valves, which happens to be the front end of the tub in the other bathroom. The one we just recaulked? Yeah. The risk there is running into problems that put the whole thing on another delay, and having NO showers available for whatever amount of time. Bad plan. Add to that our "I can get you such a deal" guy not calling back (surprise!), and Lowe's not having anything tolerable and I'm ending up perturbed.

Best plan? Maybe put in the old crappy stuff so at least I have a "working" shower during this critical time period, and set hubby to work tearing out the other bathroom during his 'vacation' after the baby?

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