Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Diapers, anyone?

I wonder if this is my version of "the nesting instinct". I'm not all that informed about it, just that it's generally a flurry of cleaning or other 'nesting' activity before your baby arrives. I'm not sure if it's an hours-prior event, or days- or weeks-prior, but I daresay my diaper habits are hormonal at the least.

I've decided to cloth diaper this little one. Turns out cloth diapering is a hugely varied science and/or art these days. They say you can "save money", but some of the options out there are anything but 'money-saving'! Hemp, bamboo, organic velour All In Ones, anyone? No thanks. I'm going the cheap route, basically. Cotton prefolds and diaper covers. I've ordered the prefolds and some covers, the appropriate laundry detergent, some stuff to make my own wipes solution, a couple "Snappis", then decided it wouldn't be all that hard to make my own covers, so ordered the PUL fabrics, elastics, and touchtape (velcro) to do so. Plus a pre-cut cover kit to use and get ideas from. This adds up to orders from no fewer than 5 websites, including the one linked to at the left. I've also joined two Yahoo Group co-ops for buying fabric and sewing materials. I used a ton of coupons on Monday at my local Jo-Ann fabrics, getting anti-pill fleece, some pretty crushed panne, more flannel, and more. I'm trying to stick with the greens/yellows, but I've gotten a few blues, too. I still need polyester thread. I've drafted patterns based on website pictures, downloaded free patterns, and even made a cute little diaper cover. I've cut and serged flannel baby wipes, and that is tedious.

I must be out of my mind. Gi-gi thinks so. But then, she is probably thinking of 1950s cloth diapering, and I just don't have it in me to explain the difference between and science of All-in-Ones, Fitteds, Pockets, Contours, Prefolds, Covers, Inserts/Doublers, Soakers, and more; partly because I don't have it all figured out yet either.

I can't wait until the rest of my orders arrive. But by then I'll owe the mail carrier a batch of cookies. I'm sure she's more than tired of maneuvering my long pot-holed driveway when the packages don't fit in the mailbox.


Tanya said...

You have more patience than I do. Do you save more money using cloth diapers or are you doing this for health reasons? Just curious.

EllaJac said...

Tanya, if I stick with cloth for this baby, I WILL save money. I've figured our diapering costs are less than most because we buy at costco, etc, but even then we're looking at $800-1000 over 2 years. I've bought everything I need (supposedly), and have plenty of supplies to make stuff, and I've spent between $200-300. That even includes thread and detergent for 400 loads of diapers. Some of the supplies can make bibs, waterproof laundry sacks (for soiled diapers away from home), etc, so that will make a difference too. The 'health' reasons appeal to me too. I used to say that disposables were better because they kept moisture away from baby's skin, more or less. The truth is that I hadn't researched cloth diapers at all, and had no idea of the myriad options out there that do as good or better. Dioxin, used in making disposable diapers, is a terrible toxin, and I don't like terrible toxins. Bottom line though; the whole cloth idea appeals to me. With this my 3rd baby, I'm home anyway, so the laundry isn't too big an issue. Besides, I love hanging out or folding nice rectangular things like dishtowels (and diapers). And that is probably a whole encyclopedia's worth of answer for your fairly simple question, so I'll shut up now. :)

Tanya said...

Wow, You are the woman I wish I could be. Of course my children are out of diapers although I have thought of putting my 5 year old boy back in them because he wont quit wetting at night and often during the day as well. Your ways of living appeal to me and I hope and pray that i could eventually start eating all nutural and all organic. I recently ordered Kevin Trudeaus book called Nutural Cures. I have skimmed through it once before but this time I am going to take Notes!!!! Anyway, I found this blog I thought it would be interesting for you to read since you were just speaking about cloth diapers. Can't wait for the baby to arrive. God bless!

EllaJac said...

Oi, don't wish to be me. I don't write about all my vices and issues on here, you know. :) I've read that blog a lot, though not much lately. I read the post about the cloth diapering; very cool. I didn't know she did that. I know of people who love the Fuzzi Bunz stuff, but at $18 a pop, they're a little rich for my blood. :) I am fairly convinced, however, that I could sew a decent pocket diaper if I ever decide to try it. By the way, they DO make larger prefolds that you could use on your 5yo at nite; you'd have to find a good waterproof cover of course. Cheaper than a box of pullups, though!