Sunday, October 14, 2007

Organic Baby

But not USDA-certified. The government can keep it's hands and oversight off, thankyouverymuch. :)

I was laughing about this with a friend. How un-messed-with and 'natural' my baby is. She didn't have any of that antibiotic ointment/silver nitrate/whatever stuff put in her eyes at birth (gosh, and she didn't contract syphilis without it). No Heb B vaccine (she hasn't participated in a lot of bodily-fluid-exchange activities yet - unless you count breastmilk). No blood test(s). No PKU or other painful blood-draws. No hearing test (officially - but loud older sisters have provided evidence that she indeed hears fine). No icky baby formula. No immunizations (so far). Her person is intact, nothing taken and nothing foreign introduced. In fact, she thought having her footprints done on her cute little birth certificate was torture. I told her she didn't know how good she has it.

I had no ultrasound or strep B test (though if the midwife suspects it she has some herb-oil concoction she puts on the baby to prevent it) or gamut of STD tests or even a pap smear. It's been interesting to note these things.

I should also like to say that were she my first I would likely have done much of the above. Some, at least. Or if there were some suspicions that would render something reasonable (for instance, if the height of the uterus measured unusual for a point in gestation, an ultrasound might be called for) I might've pursued those options as well. But, having a normal pregnancy (well, discounting all the magic-voodoo prenatal care :) ), previously testing negative to all the typical blood tests,and two babies 'behind me' that tested normal for the hearing/genetic thins makes me much more comfortable in abandoning those conventions this time around.

And we managed to avoid (again!) The Great Circumcision Decision, so that was nice!

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