Thursday, November 15, 2007

Back in Production, Kinda...

Since about the first of November, we've had eggs! I am very excited. I've had a hard time with the thought of buying eggs from a *cough* store. We have still just the 3 hens, as I'm just not able to brood chicks this winter (let alone raise pigs), what with brooding my own little chick. The two "old" hens (turned 1 in late October) quit laying around the time we penned them up again, which was a couple months ago at least. The one surviving pullet we bought was *ahem* supposed to begin production in September. I'm glad so very grateful that *I* won the race to see who could "produce" first! I believe it is she who is laying a nice brown egg nearly every day. They're small, but my recipes for cookies healthy food don't require a lot.

I don't know what the old girls' problem is. I read that they might molt after a year of production, but they only produced about 6 months or so. They stopped laying after the massacre, but only for a day or two, and that was entirely understandable. They laid for a few days after penning them in. Maybe they're mad about their captivity.

I sure am happy for these eggs though. Goldie is producing those nice orange-y yolks that I've become snobbish about accustomed to. So I give thanks!

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MamaJ said...

Ah, sounds so neat! I can't wait until we move out of the city and have some -room to breathe- land! I don't think the neighbors would want chickens here, oh well. (Hey, how do you strike thru a word when you blog? Thanks for being a Source of Blogger Wisdom right now! Ha.)