Friday, November 30, 2007


I've long held to the belief that your (ok, at least "my") I.Q. drops by about half with every pregnancy. I usually regain half of that after having the baby, but I'm not so sure it's returning this time.

I went to Town last weekend for two very important reasons. One, to reclaim my Green Death that was left with my in-laws after Thanksgiving (if you wish, I could post the recipe...). The other was to get a great deal on interfacing at the fabric store. Well, we went to the fabric store first, where the interfacing was all bought out. Figures. I bought buttons and notions instead. And then came straight home.


Do you know what it costs to go to town and back these days? Even with my nice Camry? Of course, I went back the next day for the Green Death. Death should make it's own carbon footprint, right?

A couple weeks ago I ordered this book from Vision Forum, among some other things. Last Monday, to get in on the free shipping, I apparently forgot it was on order and I bought it again. When I opened the UPS shipment on Tuesday morning I had to make a desperate call to Customer Service to edit my order. Good heavens.

A few days ago I was ready to install some grommets on the Christmas Presents, and discovered that all I had on hand was one silver grommet and one gold. That was just not going to work. I kicked myself a dozen times for buying everything BUT grommets last weekend at the fabric store. To say nothing of my previous trips there of late. Yesterday's errands took me back to the fabric store, to buy the things once-and-for-all. At least I still had my 40% off coupon. I installed the grommets last night, and they look so nice. When I reached into another bag to get the last item to finish it, out fell a brand new package of grommets. That I bought 2 weeks ago. Sheesh.

At least I still have my receipt.

Wish I had my brain.

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Laura said...

Haha. Sounds familiar. :-) Sometimes I worry myself...I wonder if I have early Alzheimers or something.

I tried to play the video of your baby, but it said it was no longer available.

Oh, and I finally posted a comment to "the post". :-)