Monday, December 29, 2008


I was just journaling last night about how last week saw none of my daily chores accomplished. I have a general weekly routine; launder sheets on Mondays, clean toilets/sinks on Tuesdays, etc. I lamented that I had 2-week-old sheets and toilets! Ick!

Today, naturally, was day 13 of Toilet Germ Life. While the sheets washed and dried, and Big Sister gathered laundry from their room, I heard an unusual sound. Well, it wasn't so much unusual (sadly), but more unexpected. I thought Organique was downstairs with Li'l Artist, but the 'tap tap tap' I heard from down the hall was definitely something or someone in the bathroom messing with the toilet. I immediately investigated, and found a very wet Organique stirring in the toilet with the toilet brush (is it just my kids, or do ALL children find that to be their favorite toy at this age?). The plunger was in a puddle on the floor nearby, and the toilet water was a pale yellow infused with shreds and bits of stirred-up toilet paper. I hollered for backup (which was already en route; Big Sister had heard the same thing I did), flushed the toilet, and tried to figure out what to do first.

You'd think I'd have this down by now...

Anyways, the toilet acted plugged, which also surprised me, because their didn't seem to be anything, ahem, likely-to-plug in it, and I decided to give Baby a bath. I removed her wet clothes, and started warm water running in the tub. At this point I couldn't find the tub stopper... and I looked back at the toilet in an0guish. Her sisters hadn't seen it, and I had used it two nights ago when I took a bath, and it would've likely been on the edge of the tub. I SO did not want to fish for the item, especially not knowing for certain that it would be in there. I tried swirling a clear area for better viewing, but toilet paper shreds do not cooperate like that. I eventually used the plunger in an attempt to 'de-plunge' the toilet. That is, to carefully create suction and draw things upward as opposed to pushing things further through the system. Still nothing concrete. I found one of those little hook-hangar things that new socks come on, and tried to bend it to create as much length as I could. It did a good job of fishing out clumps of soggy paper. And then! Swirling up through the morass was the tub plug! I retrieved it, did my best to decontaminate it and myself, and started the bath again. Considering we can't get out the driveway (Hubby can in his truck, but that doesn't do me much good), losing that permanently wouldn't have been very fun.


Well, as just as I completed the above, the girls managed to pull over a five-shelf unit here in the computer room -- that Hubby cleaned carefully when the rest of us were out of town the weekend before Christmas. Thankfully, though Organique was part and parcel to the incident, it didn't fall on anyone, so aside from a big mess to clean up, we were spared.



The Pauls' said...

What fun would parenting be without those toilet stories :)

Our 5th child found it more fun to actually crawl in the toilet rather than play in it. We couldn't quite figure out why that was so fun for him. You'd think it would be really cold, but that didn't seem to deter him!

Glad you found the plug. I have one that still isn't found. Maybe it too was thrown into the toilet and flushed to.....

Meghann said...

oh my...GROSS! I recently caught True (who's 2) playing with the toilet brush which completely grosses me so so bad and disgusting! Glad to hear you got the plug out of it and it didn't cause any major plumbing problems :)

annie said...

Oh that's hilarious! I mean, in an after-the-fact kind of way.

My daughter hasn't gotten into the whole toilet and toilet brush thing or throwing things down the toilet. Maybe because we keep the lid closed, maybe because she's kind of afraid of the toilet. Also because whenever her hand starts to reach for the toilet scrubber I immediately say, "Icky!" I kind of hope she gets over the fear because that is one job I would love to pass on!

Your days are not lacking for adventure, I can say that much. :) Our adventures are usually leaky diaper related. Yuck.

And I might have asked this before, but what pattern are you using for nightgowns? Are they for you or your girls? Both? I'd like to make a few for my daughter but nightgowns seem so daunting!

home handymum said...

Oh yeah. Mine love to wash the toilet floor with the toilet brush.

And just the other day we had one of those "while mummy cleans up after a disaster in one room, the little ones are creating another big crash in the next room" episodes.

Consider it pure joy...